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Justin the Bee – Honey Shoots in Ninja Game

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The beehive needs superheroes, use your honey and ninja powers against insects.

Do you like to play the best casual games, then try this ninja game and help Justin the Bee, to be a superhero in the hive, enjoy its funny jokes while you use honeybee shoots, kicks, and uppercuts to defeat insects.

This is the running game where you control Justin, the ninja bee, who uses his super ninja power to fight a war against insects. Become the hero of the hive, the only one with power enough to accomplish this adventure.

It’s a game with two play modes, one of them is a flying game shooting enemies. The other is a running game and Justin can run, jump, double jump, kick, make uppercuts, and shoot honey balls. Through ten levels with beautiful graphics like oil painting, and with funny jokes in its story manga style, dumb heroes, stupidest enemies, and unsurpassed gameplay.


  • Funny story
  • 2d fighting runner and shooting game
  • Challenging Difficulty
  • Graphics like an oil painting
  • Characters manga style

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Justin the Bee - Ninja Game
Justin the Bee - Ninja Game

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