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Perfect Penalty – Soccer penalty game

Download this Soccer penalty game at Google Play:

This soccer penalty shootout game puts you in the role of a kick hero, you have to swipe at the right moment to increase your power, aim for the perfect spot and shoot a penalty. Raise your power beyond 105% and go for the goalkeeper, you can beat him to gain more points.

To achieve the perfect kick you have to be very precise to gain power, later when the game change to aim mode tap the screen as faster as you can to increase even more your power, this way you’ll gain the skill to beat the goalkeeper, but be careful, even if you manage to make a top kick and beat the goalkeeper, the ball still can ricochet away from the goal, so you can lose your penalty shootout.

Stunning Graphics

Be amaze with the graphic quality that your device can achieve, with vivid 3d graphics, within a football stadium, realistic animations, and a spectacular game physics engine, finalizing with a funny goalkeeper knockout when you hit him with your maximum penalty power.

Precise Gameplay of Soccer Penalty Shootout

This is a skill game, to shoot the perfect penalty you have to swipe your finger on the screen at the right moment. Be sure to finalize the movement just when the arrow has reached the goal. Increase your power beyond 105% and you’ll gain the skill to beat the goalkeeper.

Just before the final kick, the game allows you to aim for the right spot. Now just keep tapping on the screen as fast as you can; this way you’ll increase more your power and aim for the perfect shot.

Can you be good enough? Can you beat the players and be the best in the world? Enjoy this game and be ready for future updates with new and unique gameplay.

New Gameplay – Freestyle Game

Now you can play the new Freestyle gameplay, so keep the ball in the air kicking it, perform stunts to multiply your points.

Soccer penalty game
Soccer penalty game
Soccer penalty game

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