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Quantum Dash – Flying Game

Download Quantum Dash – Flying Game at Google Play:

Fly or die in atomic microworlds, get sparks from atoms. Have a flying time!!!

Do you like to play the best casual games, then try Quantum dash, the flying game with amazing 3d graphics and effects. Earn points collecting sparks, use them to unlock new stages. Keep yourself alive superflying obstacles lasting a longer time to become the best player

The game control is simple and very responsive, with enjoyable gameplay of the best casual android games.

Do an infinite flight through the quantum world, avoid collisions with crystals, hypercubes, pyramids, circuits, and blood cells, collect spark from atoms, and increase your points.

Play in seven different fantastic and atomic worlds:

✨Micro Crystals
✨Mirrors Tunnel
✨Lights and Circuits
✨Hyper Dimension
✨Abstract Reality
✨Inner Highway

Ride along in a circuits dash board or in abstract 80’s style games!
You can play it for a minute, three, or many more and have fun whenever and wherever you are!

Enjoy its awesome 3d graphics and perfect music. You will want to keep this game forever!

Have you enjoyed it a lot? Please rate it and leave a review on our Playstore page. Thank you very much!!! ☺️

Quantum Dash - Flying Game
Quantum Dash - Fly Game
Quantum Dash - Flying Game

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